What are Rain Gutters?

The best gutters are ‘troughs’ or channels that run the horizontal length of your roof eave and catch the rain before it can splash on the ground. They include ‘downspouts’ or pipes that run down vertically to the ground. Bottom elbows and extensions turn the rain ‘away’ or horizontally again away from the house. Better systems will allow the rain from the spout to drain into an underground ‘storm drain’ pipe that runs to the curb or alley.

Recently popular are ‘catch barrels’ used to hold and conserve water for the landscape plants.

Why Do You Need Rain Gutters?

Everyone has tried to go into or out of their home and been soaked during the rain. Have you ever watched your new flowers pratcially float away in a hard Texas storm? Have you noticed the ditch in the grass along your foundation under the eave? Many homes have very unsightly brown stains along the bottoms of brick and stone walls. All these problems can be corrected with a good rain gutter and drainage system.

Rain water causes wood siding, trim, paint and caulk to weather much faster than normal. Decks under eaves will rot and the wood will warp much to soon. Often homes will experience cracking in brick joints, and sheetrock due to accellerated settling. Doors and windows will not open and close normally. Many problems and costs to the homeowner are due to improper drainage systems around the house.

Soil Engineers generally agree that North Texas soils and clays that become overly saturated by rains will expand and actually ‘lift a home foundation up’ causing great damage. Dry weather spells folliwng the rain will contract the earth and ‘foundations can fall’. Foundation repair companies always recommend a well built rain gutter and draining system for your home’s perimeter. These usually only cost betewen 1/2% to 2% of a homes value – it is the BEST INVESTMENT you can make!

Gutter Design Standards & Calculations

  • One linear foot of 5-inch K-style gutter holds 1.2 gallons of rainwater

  • One linear foot of 6-inch K-style gutter holds 2.0 gallons of rainwater

  • One gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds

  • A 2 x 3 downspout will drain 600 sq. ft. of a homes roof area*

  • A 3 x 4 downspout will drain 1200 sq. ft. of a homes roof area*

  • One sq. ft. of roof area, will collect during a one-inch rain, .62 gallons of rainwater

  • Properly installed and assuming no debri restrictions.

Gutter Masters LLC uses the above technical design requirements.  But, as experienced installers we understand this engineering will not work on every home.  We know how to account for problem conditions unique to each house, situations such as imperfect roof lines, good versus poor locations for spouts, various tree debri, landscaping and ground cover will require us, as professionals to adapt and problem solve the design.  We also want to make the final product pleasing to the eye.

Styles and Sizes of Rain Gutters

Aluminum 5″ & 6″ OGEE (K Style) Gutter

Aluminum 2×3″ & 3×4″ Downspouts

Copper 5″ & 6″ OGEE (K Style) Gutter

Copper 2×3 & 3×4″ Downspouts

Aluminum 3″ & 4″ Round Downspouts

Copper 3″ & 4″ Round Downspouts

Leafguards for All Types of Rain Gutters

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